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2023 Father ‘N Daughter Campout – 1st Email

Dear Dads,

You’ve registered for the Father ‘N Daughter campout, and now you might be wondering, “What’s next?”

First and foremost, I want to extend my congratulations to you for making this meaningful decision. Fatherhood is a rewarding journey, but it demands intentionality. For many of you, this could be the first time you’ll be embarking on a campout adventure like this with your daughter(s). As a dad who is about to participate in this for the 11th time with my own daughter, I can say with confidence that you’re in for a fantastic experience, and your daughter will cherish these memories forever.

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In the lead-up to our meeting at Camp LoneStar on November 10th, I’ll be sending a couple of emails with important information. In today’s email, I’d like to highlight a few key points:

Plan to Arrive Early:

  • Make a firm commitment to arrive early with your daughter. One of the most significant mistakes you could make is promising quality time with her and then being held up by work or other obligations. Make this time truly special for her.
  • Consider requesting a half or full-day absence from work.
  • If possible, take your daughter out of school early on Friday (yes, your wife might not be thrilled, but it’s okay to miss a day of school!).
  • Be sure to account for potential Friday afternoon traffic and plan accordingly.
  • Our team will be at Camp LoneStar to check you in at 4 pm on November 10th, but arriving early will allow you to engage in various activities like setting up your tent, going for a hike, cycling, or playing games. Make Friday a special day before the camp officially kicks off!


  • As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” Let’s embrace this attitude as men and fathers, regardless of our endeavors.
  • Prepare your camping equipment well in advance. REI is currently offering excellent promotions, and you can visit their store to acquire any necessary items. If you’re borrowing equipment, ensure it’s in good condition by testing it beforehand.
  • Prepare your heart by beginning to pray daily for your daughter(s). Pray for a fun and meaningful time together, open and heartfelt conversations, minimal distractions, and divine protection against negative influences.

Good preparation isn’t just about knowing what to do; it also involves understanding what not to do. This includes:

  • Avoid bringing excessive electronics to the campout. A phone is sufficient; leave behind iPads or computers. More electronics mean more distractions.
  • Commit not to work or take calls from anyone during the weekend. Let people know in advance that you’ll be “unplugged,” and they’ll need to wait for your reconnection to the civilized world.


  • We’ve established a WhatsApp group for our campout (Dads ONLY please). – The link was sent via email.
  • Joining the WhatsApp group isn’t mandatory, but it will enhance your overall experience. A significant part of the fatherhood journey is finding a community of like-minded dads, each dealing with their challenges but determined to be the best fathers they can be.

That’s all for now. To conclude, I’d like to share a quote that has touched my heart:

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