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2023 Father ‘N Daughter Campout – 2nd Email

Dear Dads,

I hope this message finds you well and you are excited for the upcoming Father-Daughter campout. I’m reaching out again to offer a few ways by which you can engage in our pre-campout activities.

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Firstly, for those who might’ve missed the initial email, you can catch up on the details by visiting our website: [].

As we gear up for this special event, here are several ways you can actively participate:

Prayer: Starting November 1st, we’re initiating a 7-day devotion on the YouVersion Bible App. Engage in this daily devotional to pray for your daughter and share your reflections in the “Talk it Over” section. Imagine all 45 dads praying for our daughters for seven days! For sure we will see transformation in our relationship with our daughters! You’re encouraged to send this link to your wife and invite her to pray as well. You will need to install YouVersion App and create an account on your phone and click this link to join: [Powerful Prayers For Your Daughter]


Our girl worship team is crafting an incredible playlist for the campout. For a sneak peek and to practice these songs in advance with your daughter (s) while driving, subscribe this playlist on Spotify [].


For security reasons, we are not creating a WeChat group but you can connect with other like-minded dads in our growing WhatsApp group. We’ve already got 24 dads on board, and we welcome you to join in! Follow this link to jump into the conversation (Link in the email)


Trailhead Fellowship, is offering a unique opportunity for you to support our vision to “lead every Chinese man into the marvelous life of God”. Entrepreneurs among us have the chance to feature a one-page ad (5.5” x 4.35”) in our campout brochure. You can pray and make a donation of any amount to the Marvin Hoover Sports Fund (the second option on this page This fund will be used to support pastors/missionaries who would like to join our programs but need financial support in the future. We feel this will be an excellent way to support our brothers who are engaging the world by offering their products and services. 

If this interests you, please let me know at your earliest convenience. The deadline for this offer is Wednesday, November 1st.

In closing, your involvement and support are invaluable. Your dedication to making this event memorable for your daughters is truly appreciated. And here’s a quote to ponder this week:

A father is a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love – unknown.

Looking forward to an amazing campout experience with y’all.

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