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Affirmation Letter for LeaderTrek

Dear family and friends of our LeaderTrek men!

Hello and thank you for writing an affirmation letter for the man you love!

This is to be kept a secret, so be careful when writing it! It will be given to each participant of LeaderTrek on day 2 or 3 during a time of solitude with God. The purpose of each man receiving these letters is help him understand and see more deeply who he is as a man, husband, father, friend, and follower of Jesus. Reading words from those closest to him can touch him deeply in a way that only you can.

The most important thing is to express your heart to him in a personal way.

If you need suggestions of what to include here are some ideas — you do not have to include all of them.


His relationship with you — what he means to you (perhaps share a few of your favorite memories of being together).

His character — tell him what kind of man he is and how it has impacted you. His walk with God — what kind of example he’s been and how you see Christ in him. His impact on the people around him and the world.

Bless him with… your hopes for his future. A Bible verse, poem or quote. Your words of love for him (and do actually write “I love you” — this really blesses him!)

May this be a special experience for you also! 

When Christian men are affirmed deeply in their identity by those we love we actually START to change! So there is hope for us no matter what may have happened in the past! So focus on the positive things in the letter and pray for him. And may God do his special work in this man’s life!


Use the word “but” – it doesn’t indicate confident affirmation

Confuse affirmation with expectation – this is not the time for you to tell him to grow up or fix whatever problems he might have. We are all broken men, and we know that much has to be learned and improved. This is the time for you to truly bless the man you love, admire and trust.

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