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山前团契 – 与耶稣一同攀登

从 6 月到 9 月,将有超过 110名男人参加具有挑战性的户外小组活动! 将有250 名男人和他们的孩子参加更大的营地活动。 这一切的目的是什么呢? 我们的使命是将每个男人带入上帝的奇妙的爱中! 你呢? 你参加过领袖行军或 退修会吗? 如果参加过,那么您已经是山前团契的一员了。你怎样可以继续参与呢? 代祷 – 在灵里为我们加添力量。参加 – 和我们一起去。合作 –… Read More »山前团契 – 与耶稣一同攀登

E is for embrace

Dear Brothers,

Our goal as a fellowship of Christian men is to “Bring each man into the marvelous love of God.”

We have described what our end goal looks like with the acrostic M.A.R.V.E.L. (see below for description) and we have shaped our ministry culture with the life changing power of E.A.C.H.

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亲爱的兄弟们,通过我心狂野的学习,我觉得每周我们都在更深地进入男⼈的⼼。似乎就像我们正在不断攀登男人心中的⼭脉和⼭⾕⼀样。 这周是我们旅途中⾮常特殊的部分,因为我们将学习并发现有关男⼈与⼥⼈,他的夏娃,他的妻⼦之间的关系的更多信息。

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Man, Where Are You? 

— an urgent challenge to build the men in your life — 

Another school shooting and many children’s lives lost. Countless other lives were tragically changed forever. I just want to reflect on one reality coming out of this — not to find a hidden reason for why this happens, but more to give a challenge to us. Young guys who do violence to others often, but not always, had a terrible relationship with their fathers — or they never even knew their dad. In recent history this goes back to the Columbine High school shooting. 

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