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7/20 – 7/27



Now it is the time

an awesome trek for men!


Your LeaderTrek coaches will be Ed, Brent and Carson. Our total group will be 10 to 12 men.  We are looking for Chinese Christian men who are currently serving their local church or ministry (full-time or volunteer). We encourage several guys from the same fellowship to come together. 


90 miles north of Seattle in a town called Darrington we will meet at Dayspring – the home ranch of Carson and Wendy. 


 • 2 days of team bonding, wilderness training and leadership learning. The highlights will be a very fun 2 hour white water rafting ride! — and a hike up to North Mountain Lookout! 

 • During this time we will focus our hearts on Jesus Christ and our union with Him, our love for one another and the meaning of true Christian leadership. 

 • Then our 5-day backpack will cover 30+ miles and roam through a beautiful river valley and up to the high country with views of Glacier Peak and solitude among wildflowers and alpine lakes. 

 • After a long hike on the final day we will end with a celebration dinner back at Dayspring and share our testimonies of what Jesus did among us.


To know Jesus more deeply; to become holistically healthy Christian leaders in real community; to listen for God’s voice about our life calling.

Sample itinerary

Highlights from previous treks

Ed Wu welcomes you to LeaderTrek Northwest!

washington awaits you, are you coming?