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Hello Chinese Christian brothers!

We welcome you to our 2023 LeaderTrek in Colorado! 

To lean more about what LeaderTrek is, in general, please read here — we are training Christian leaders — body, soul, and relationships.

To learn more about this Colorado LeaderTrek please read below and check out the video of a past trek in beautiful Colorado (not the same location as this year’s trek).  

To register we have a 3 step process: 

1) Please fill out this questionnaire. 

2) Meet the trek leaders in a video call and answer questions. 

3) Pay for your basic trek costs here:

The location is near Durango, Colorado.   

Our purpose: to build healthy Christian leaders. 

We will bring men into a mountain wilderness — with God’s Word, the Holy Spirit, and true fellowship with one another, so that we may know God more deeply, understand themselves better, and come away with a clearer understanding of God’s calling on their life. 

Brent Hoover 胡牧 will be your Life Coach for this Leadertrek. Brent started LeaderTrek 领袖行军 for Chinese in 2009. He has been in cross cultural ministry for 30 years, including campus ministry and local church ministry. He writes articles and has a podcast on healthy leaders. 

Trailhead Fellowship is partnering with Voice of Wilderness (VOM). They have 50 years of wilderness trekking experience and will provide all backpacking equipment, food, and two amazing brothers who will guide us. . You just need your own wilderness clothing and a sleeping bag. (We will give you coaching on these items). 

If you are a Chinese Christian, serving in some kind of ministry, as a coworker, volunteer, or as a full-time pastor or youth pastor, then you are qualified to come.

The normal price for career professional brothers is $500. 

You need to provide your own transportation to Durango. 

*But if you are a full-time Christian worker in a church or a ministry organization then we can provide you with a transportation scholarship to support you. 

Please let us know of your need. 

Thank you for what you do!!! 

The church needs healthy, full-time servants, and we are committed to you.  

Brent Hoover 胡牧 Leader Development Life Coach

Healthy Leaders: Be One. Build Many. 

Video highlights from a past Colorado Leadertrek. This was in central Colorado. It’s not the same place as where we will be going this time. But it gives you a sense of our brotherhood.