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From True Chen To True Team

How a young man found a true life and formed a true team of brothers in his life pursuit.

I want to share a short story about a young man who is making a real difference in his world. 

In February of 2022 True Chen was introduced to Trailhead Fellowship by Ed Wu and joined us for a desert LeaderTrek. We hiked 26 miles together over those days and bonded in the Lord — the older guys and younger guys together. Watch a 1 min. highlight here:

Afterwards True went back to San Francisco and continued to do his social media work for the Golden State Warriors. But he did not “just go back to work” — rather — he went back to more intentionally seek the kingdom of God in all areas of his life. 

His joy and life pursuit is basketball. So he worked on his hoops game and even tried out for the Warriors local team! 

But during the process he found he wanted to share the joy and community he has experienced through sports and he formed a basketball club team. That team is made up of Chinese men in the Bay Area who get together each week to play basketball. Their name is “True Team” — of course! 

But it is not just about basketball — this is about life, brotherhood, physical challenges, community and most importantly, it is about loving one another. 

Life is hard. There is suffering. But there is also joy. One definition of happiness is this: “having someone to celebrate your joys and sorrows with.” 

Look around you. Is there anyone in your life who will truly celebrate your victories with you and be wildly excited about your successes? And is there anyone who will be sad with you when you encounter your deep valleys? 

Sports can be a platform of life-long relationships. Are you taking advantages of the body and the desire for challenges that God has put inside of you? Go for it! And use the sport you love to build community with other men. 

True Chen has done that. Now the community he started is spreading. They have made a documentary and their team will perhaps evolve into a basketball league one day. 

A healthy man pursues life holistically — in body, mind, and spirit. True is doing that and he is building life resilience by bonding in close relationships with other guys and using his body to do good things. 

This is what Trailhead Fellowship is all about. We want to build men up and challenge them to live out their dream. We go to the mountains or desert together for a week of challenges. We hike and share life stories. And during those days of seeking God first men often receive a renewed life-calling.

As men we all have flaws. But in the gospel of Jesus Christ we can move forward by believing and receiving His forgiveness for our sin. And we can move out of the negativity of this world and into the light and bring more men into the light. 

And soon, even more will follow — this is how disciples are born. 

Then as we walk together through life — this is how disciples are made. 

On that LeaderTrek we heard True Chen’s story of how he was influenced by Jeremy Lin’s Christian testimony and eventually met Lin and let him know it. Later they had a good talk on the phone and eventually they played hoops together. And in his work with the Warriors he was given a championship ring. But for him the real reward is something much higher — keep climbing, True!

True Team Documentary:

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