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It’s our “supertrek” Saturday

Millions of people across America are super excited about Superbowl today. For most immigrants like us, we were like, what’s the hype about? And churches even cancel events to give priority to the Superbowl? Can’t understand it either.

I’m not saying that Christians should not watch Superbowl. After all, people draw parallels between Chinese New Year and SuperBowl. SuperBowl is the American version of Chinese New Year. On that day, people get together to watch two teams fighting for the crown of the NFL, just like families get together to watch the famous Chinese New Year Gala. It’s all part of our normal life. No big deal.

I’m saying that Christians should ask why we like to watch Superbowl. Just because millions of others watch it, doesn’t mean that it is the best thing ever and we should force ourselves and our kids to endure four to five hours long commercials, performances, and glory-seeking moments.

1 John 2:16 says, ‘For all that is in the world— the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride of life —is not from the Father but is from the world. ‘ For what it’s worth, Superbowl might be the biggest event that satisfies the deepest desires of our flesh and eyes and makes us prideful or resentful, depending on which team wins and who you are rooting for. Or at least for those of us in America, because nobody outside of the US gives it a crap.

Compared with Superbowl, I am more excited about the “SuperTrek” we did yesterday. I am not trying to be cute by making up the name, although I am kind of proud of it. The brothers in Austin usually do a morning hike every Saturday, and that’s the one event I am most looking forward to in a typical week. I’d get my 30 lbs backpack ready with water the night before and drive to the trailhead when it was still chill and dark at 7 am. Then the brothers would appear one by one. Laughter. Hugs. We are just so happy to see each other and get on the trail again.

But yesterday was different. The temperature was around 50-60 Fahrenheit. Considering last weekend it was below zero, I was just so grateful for this perfect weather. The parking lot was about half full because a trail runner group was already there. Cars arrived shortly one after the other. And just like that, we had a total of 18 people show up, not only brothers but wives and kids! Wow, I was excited before we even started!

Before we hit the trail, we all circled up and I read Proverb 16:9 ‘The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. ‘ This verse always speaks to me in a very personal way, but in light of the recent news that a dear brother we have known for many years just suddenly passed away on the last day of 2021, it carried a lot of more weight when I read it again.

On we went. It was a four miles trail back and forth. Nobody complained. All the kids, big or small, were leading the way. On top of the trail, we circled up again and asked everyone to share a plan they had, for today, tomorrow, or this year. When they said their plan, we all said, May Jesus help you accomplish your plan, amen!

So that was our “SuperTrek”, not only because we had a lot more people yesterday, but also because we immersed ourselves in God’s word and brought Jesus with us on the trail. It was only two hours, but that’s how we should walk our Christian life 24/7, Superbowl Sunday included.

May you enjoy the game but ask Jesus to come with you to your home, or a party.

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  1. Another great read. Thank God for giving you courage to be outspoken on the culture surrounding us Christians. We ought to be warriors rather than just being nice guys around.

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