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Building Healthy leaders

in-person training

We offer in-person training on core areas of leadership. Please contact us to host a training in your church. Abbreviated online versions of these trainings are available if local groups are formed for application.

Building Healthy Leaders (BHL) — a 1 day discovery of the goal, process and design of building healthy Christian leaders — with application in the local church ministry. This answers questions of how to solve the leadership crisis in churches (C1, C5).

Building Healthy Churches (BHC) — a 1 day learning experience that takes you into the heart of what God’s vision for a healthy church is and how it should function. This answers questions of why we often face so many difficulties in churches (C1, C2, C3).

Transformational Ministry Design — a 1 day workshop where participants who have learned BHL and BHC take the next step of designing for their own ministries.

Abbreviated online versions of these trainings are available, if local groups are formed for application.

We follow a biblical model of a healthy leader, based on five core areas. We call these the five Cs. Each of our training emphasizes one or more of these Cs, Christ, Community, Character, Calling, Competencies.

Online training

7-session transformational growth opportunities that take you farther so that you may soar higher. Led by Trailhead Fellowship brothers. Please form a learning group and contact us to start growing!

Wild at Heart — videos and sharing for men find their true life and calling in Jesus. (C4)

Setting our Brothers Free – through Wilderness Ministry — Your men will never be the same (C5)

Healthy Leaders — A study of the book on the five goals of a healthy leader development program by Malcom Webber. Your life calling will never be the same. (C5, C1)

Designing Ministries for Life Transformation — intentional design using four dynamics. Your ministries will never be the same.

*prerequisite: Healthy Leaders or Building Healthy Churches.

Peter – a leader built by Jesus Led by Brent Hoover
From the gospels we will see how Jesus built this man who was so greatly used by God, flaws and all. Your understanding of ministry will never be the same.

multimedia self-learning

Burst Leadership Podcast with Brent Hoover — learn in bite-sized 7 minute recordings about all aspects of leaders and building leaders (C5 – in English)

LeaderSource Youtube channel has many recordings of past in-person trainings.