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he went up on the mountain…

Jesus lead men up a mountain and into the wilderness. There he revealed his relationship with the father, loved them, and helped them love one another.

Are you seeking the brotherhood as mentioned in Proverbs 27:17 – As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another? Come do a LeaderTrek in the wilderness with a group of men, share life stories with each other, open your hearts to each other, and embrace each other in God’s love. A real man not only needs God but also needs other real men surround him in his life.

LeaderTrek is a Christ-centered process of believers into healthy leaders. Taking a group of brothers into the wilderness — mountains or deserts — creates the environment in which it takes place. It is a week of theologically based teachings and challenges of soul, body, relationships and emotions. Our character is shaped by doing hard things with others in Jesus’ name. Quite often men on LeaderTrek experience a breakthrough or significant growth in their Christian life — they get closer to Jesus, confess their past mistakes, experience authentic love and affirmation, deeply meditate on the Word of God, and have a renewed sense of the calling of God on their lives. As one brother put it, they get put back into the furnace!

After many years cross-cultural missionary work and helping shape disciples into leaders, in 2009, the Lord Jesus put on my heart the idea of combining the things I am passionate about into a unique ministry for building leaders.

I had already seen for years what the teaching on leadership could do, and it was obvious that the men I was training needed more. They were struggling with internal leadership issues — things of the heart, their spiritual lives, their life at home, and even with their calling and character. But where do Christian leaders go to open up about those things, and how could they experience real breakthroughs? These are the questions I reflected on.

So, after 20 years of personal growth in discipling Chinese Christians and developing my personal spiritual life through solitude and Scripture mediation, and growing in the experience of how to develop healthy leaders, I decided to combine it all with my love of wilderness challenges. I love God, His Word, and I love His Creation, and I love building leaders. And it seemed to me the men I lead into the mountains would love these also and be deeply shaped by Jesus if we truly looked to Him. And that is just what happened. Every year since we have led several groups of Chinese Christian men to experience LeaderTrek. And these brothers have experienced Jesus being with them as a group and individually. And each man has taken an unforgettable experience that will speak to them personal lessons for years to come.


大约2009我就梦想着开展一个三合一的事工:朋友, 在旷野或高山的野营冒险大挑战,以及栽培塑造健康的仆人领袖,因为这三者都一直深深地影响着我的人生。

“领袖行军” 与传统的培训有何不同?




间徒步旅行。我们会背着35-40斤重的背包徒步旅行7-10 英里,6-8个小时。一般我们会用5天时间 , 三天在徒步,2天休息和独处。

这从体力上来说具有很大 的挑战性,所以您必需具备良好的健康状况才会不虚此行。我们需要提前一个月就开始有规律地锻炼身体。第一周要3次爬30楼。第二周要3次爬40楼;第三周要3次爬50楼;第四周要3次爬50楼;如果能背一个小背包负重爬楼是最好的。





LeaderTrek has been a very unique and rewarding experience. It’s been an absolute blessing to me as I get to develop meaningful and authentic relationship with fellow brothers before, during and after the multi-day hike. It has added a new dimension to my life and how I fellowship with the others, starting with the bear hugs on Sundays. 🙂

Ming Zhou

It is always a desire in my heart to find a group of brothers who I can share my heart and life with. In 2020, I joined LeaderTrek Montana, and met with a group of brothers. Many of them I never met before. During that week, after hearing other brothers’ life stories, I finally opened up myself and shared my story that I never did before. The burden in my heart was lifted and I was touched by God’s love through brothers’ prayers and encouragement.

Bin Shen

I want to thank you again for taking me to another LeaderTrek. This one is even more memorable than the first one. TBH, I wasn’t 100% enthused at the beginning, especially after knowing Ed wasn’t going. That said, there is magic in saying YES to God. His work and presence blew me away, again. I have received so much this past week. God is really wonderful.

Jia Jiang

I have been searching for Christian Brother/sports fellowship for a while. When I found LeaderTrek on AFC conference forum, I knew that it was time for me to reach out and join them. Besides a blast we had in Big Bend, we also learned “don’t keep thinking we are not ready”. Instead, we should take initiative to build ourselves up along with other like-minded Brothers, and step up with God just like Moses to learn & grow during the process. God will show us the Way and provide us anything we need.

Lei Wang