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leadertrek Colorado

领袖行军 – 山前团契

6/24-30, 2024


美丽而富有挑战性的圣胡安山脉在科罗拉多州西南部等待着您。这段徒步旅行全程约 25 英里,穿过原始常绿森林、渡河和攀登山峰。





The beautiful and challenging San Juan Mountain Range awaits you in southwestern Colorado. This trek will cover about 25 miles through primitive evergreen forests, river crossings, and a peak ascent. 

We partner with Voice of Wilderness Ministry as our base camp. They will provide the food, guides, and most equipment for us to take up to 10 Chinese brothers into the mountains. 

LeaderTrek is a holistic Christ-centered wilderness adventure that seeks to build a man in his physical, emotional, spiritual and emotional aspects. Our goal is to bring each man into the marvelous love of God. 

If you are ready for an adventure and challenges, and if you are ready to open up to other men and become bonded as brothers, then this trek is for you! 


10 Chinese Christian Brothers who serve in some kind of ministry. You must be in good health, active and willing to do some training before you come. 

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Location: Near Durango, Colorado, in the San Juan Mountains. Closest town is Pagosa Springs. 


6 days and 5 nights of wilderness living, hiking, eating, and encountering various challenges of a healthy Christian man. 

Day 1 – arrival and welcome dinner and campfire at Voice of Wilderness base camp in the mountains. 

Day 2-6 – backpacking in the mountains. 

Day 6 – celebration dinner 

Day 7 – return home. 


June 24-30 – you might need to arrive the day before or travel home the day afterward depending on flight schedules and airports. Contact us with specific questions. 

Arrive in Durango by 10 AM to 3 PM on Monday June 24. The VOM camp staff will meet you at the airport. Or, if transportation can be arranged, meet in Albuquerque New Mexico (3 hours from the camp). 


Captain of this LeaderTrek: Hongbo

Co-captain: Brent Hoover (bio link)  


* Staying in a wilderness cabin
* Eating at an outdoor kitchen and table 
* Outdoor campfire
* Backpack with 35-40 pound pack for 5-7 miles in a day. 
* See waterfalls, mountains, deer and elk and small wildlife
* Ascend a peak
* Sleep in 2-man tents
* Share “life stories” each night
* Memorize a portion of God’s Word
* Do solitude with Jesus for 1/2 of a day
* Listen to brother’s stories and get to know them
* Pray for each other
* Open up about our struggles as a man
* Relax!
* Enjoy!
* Rejoice!

To learn more about what LeaderTrek is, in general, please read here — we are training Christian leaders — body, soul, and relationships.

To register we have a 3 step process: 

1) Please fill out this questionnaire. 

2) Meet the trek leaders in a video call and answer questions. 

3) Once approved by the trek leaders, please complete the below forms/payments in the order listed –

Form 1. Register online and pay the deposit (*) or pay the balance in full.

Form 2. Fill out the registration form online

Form 3. Fill out the medical release form online

*Pay the outstanding balance by April 30th