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Look forward to 2023!

Dear brothers,

We are very grateful for what God did through us in 2022. We experienced God’s grace, tasted the love of brothers and witnessed life transformation on mountains and in homes. To just give you a brief report:

Life Transformation

  • A brother decided to fight against his addictions.
  • A pastor restored to his calling.
  • A brother reconciled with his wife and repaired his marriage.
  • A pastor learned to humble himself and let it go.
  • A student forgave his professor.
  • A brother became a better man and leader at home.
  • A brother took initiative to organize father/son camp.
  • A brother decided to retire from his job to purse his passion for Christ full time.
  • A brother forgave his pastor.
  • A pastor became an advocate for Trailhead Fellowship.
  • A ministry leader started hiking with his wife.


We know God is moving in us and through us. But we have to understand what’s his vision for this ministry. Therefore, a core group of brothers gathered together in Austin from December 4 to 7th, and God revealed His will to us. Brother Ed gave an update on the retreat on Dec. 21st, in our inaugural Monthly Camp Fire. Read more in the document below about our vision/mission, MARVEL Men and Priorities in 2023 and beyond!

So we are very excited about 2023 and already planned a series of events/initiatives.

Key Events in 2023

  • 1.23-27 Pastor’s Winter Retreat Spring Hill Michigan
  • 2.19-26 LeaderTrek (English) Big Bend Texas
  • 3.31-4.2 Father/Son Camp Austin, TX
  • 4.5-8 Men’s Retreat Houston, TX
  • 6.9-17 LeaderTrek Kalispell Montana
  • 7.2-8 Pastor’s Retreat Durango Colorado
  • 7.28-8.5 LeaderTrek Cascades, Washington
  • 9.8-16 LeaderTrek Kalispell Montana
  • 10.2-7 LeaderTrek Durango, Colorado
  • 11.10-12 Father/Daughter camp Austin, TX
  • 12.3-10 LeaderTrek Big Bend Texas
  • 12.11-14 Trailhead Core Team Florida
  • 12.15-18 Miami Chinese Church Miami Florida

New Year, New You

Brothers, what does God want you to do in 2023? We ask you to consider:

  • Fully commit to MARVEL Men, living a healthy life for Christ!
  • Join a Discipleship group and become a disciple of Jesus and a disciple maker!
  • If you haven’t joined any of our LeaderTrek events, consider joining one in 2023! If you have joined once, consider becoming an assistant coach to Big River!
  • Start a local Trailhead group in your city!
  • Pray for yourself and other brothers around you to experience the life changing reality of our Lord Jesus Christ in everyday walk of life!

1 thought on “Look forward to 2023!”

  1. I’m very blessed to know each of the men who conquered mountains and deserts, and moved forward in following Jesus at home, in school, at work, and in your relationships and emotions.

    Be Real! Be Courageous! Be His Son!


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