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Marvel Men Weekend registration form


Hi Men!

We are glad you are interested in joining our 2024 Texas Marvel Men Weekend! Please thoughtfully answer these questions below and make the donation at the end.

Our Purpose: 
The Marvel Men Weekend is designed to bring brothers together to pursue our heavenly father and become the kind of man he created us to be: Marvel Men.
— Your Brothers at Trailhead Fellowship
(Your First Name, Last Name)
(Your Email)
(Keep in touch with us to grow together in maturity of being a man, husband and father.)
(Dad’s Age Group)
(Dad’s T-shirt Size)
(Dad’s Mobile Phone in case we need to contact you)
(Dad’s WeChat ID, in case we need to contact you!)
To run the event successfully, we will need volunteers to help us with various activities. Choose which areas you would like to serve.
Do you or any of your son(s) have any food allergies? If so, please describe above.)

Donation Information

The last section is about donation. Please note, your registration is not confirmed until you complete the donation process.

Donation Guideline

The suggested donation is $110 per person for this event. This covers Airbnb fee, all activities, food (Saturday night and Sunday morning) and a t-shirt per participant. Anything you give above and beyond this will help us give scholarships and do more ministry.

*If you’re encountering financial hardship and can’t donate the suggested amount, we don’t want that to prevent you from attending. In that case, please explain your situation below.  

(Trailhead is a part of LeaderSource — a nonprofit ministry organization. Please enter your donation amount to help us to cover the cost and support our mission. Thank you for your support!)

Term and Conditions

Liability Waiver

By registering this activity, I hereby release and hold harmless Trailhead Fellowship, LeaderSource, its members, guests, employees, or an agent, and Camp LoneStar from any and all liability and/or transportation to/from, damages sustained by me, or members of my family related to our voluntary participation in 2024 Texas Marvel Men Weekend.

Refund Policy

If you cancel prior to the registration deadline, full refund will be issued back to your credit card. No refund passed March 15, 2024 unless the event is cancelled. Thank you for your understanding!

(Type your name here to sign this statement digitally.)