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8月 31-9月6 日


“你们来, 同我暗暗地到旷野地方去歇一歇。”

(马可福音6:31 )

“徒步登山,户外篝火”是否是你曾经的梦想?真诚地欢迎你从熟悉的环境中抽离,到狂野去歇一歇——于8月31-9月6日到 Kalispell, Montana跟其他的几位弟兄一道深度退省,让自己的生命得到从神而来的恢复与更新——Renew, Refresh, Revive! — All for Jesus!


Mature in Christ-成熟爱主;
Accept responsibility-承担责任;
Reject passivity-拒绝消极;
Victorious over temptation-胜过试探;
Exercise regularly-经常锻炼;
Lead and love courageously-勇敢领导和爱。

本次活动的运动强度适中,但是也会有小的挑战,其中包括,徒步3英里探险瀑布,徒步登顶6英里,冰川国家公园徒步9 英里,我们保证,你会体验到一次不一样的退修会。



  • Zuxing Chen 牧师:恩福文化宣教使团牧养与培训主任。一位曾经的疲劳牧者,如今是Trailhead 核心团队成员,倡导以福音为中心的全人健康。
  • Brent Hoover – LeaderSource 高级顾问, Trailhead 山前团契启创者,36年培训华人领导力,关怀牧者的经验。
  • Uncle Tom 蒙大拿接待家庭,祷告事工负责人,仆人式领袖践行者。

In this video meet Tom and Brent and check out what his house and the surrounding area looks like.

Leader Retreat highlights from 2022

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On our last day we will visit Glacier National Park and hike one of its most beautiful trails that goes over a high mountain pass.

Pastors Montana Healthy Life Retreat

Saturday Aug. 31: Arrive!Arrive 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Afternoon: coffee/tea on Tom’s Big Beautiful Villa Porch
Dinner for early arrivals.
Campfire 🔥 & Life Stories!
Sunday Sept. 1: Release!Holistic Leader Care #1
Your body: The 10 Minute 4321 Burst movement. 
Your soul coming to Jesus – house church style worship. 
Your emotional burdens laid down – solitude with Jesus. 
Your relationships bonded Dinner/Campfire & Life Stories!
Monday Sept. 2: Renew!Healthy Leaders #2
4321 10-minute Burst Workout – Nutrition Talk
Trek #1: hike into a beautiful mountain valley and lake and then up the mountain peak!
Leader Talk: Relationships – the answer to loneliness in ministry.
Practice Solitude with Jesus on the mountain peak — His Word, His Creation!
Dinner / Campfire & Life Stories
Tuesday Sept. 3: Reflect: The Character of a Leader4321 10-minute Burst – mobility/balance/stretching
The body’s deep need for Recovery and Sleep!
The heart of Character – our deep need for integrity and authenticity.
Application: Walk with a peer mentor. T4 Introduction 
Personal Reflection: planning for a holistically healthy life.
Afternoon “recovery” by a mountain lake. Swim if you like!
Dinner / Campfire and Life Stories
Wednesday Sept. 4: Refresh!4321 10-minute Burst – Our deep need for Joyful Movement.
Our Deep Need for Emotional Healing in Relationships
Trek #2: The Waterfall Trek and Solitude
Practice Solitude and Sharing with a friend.
Design your own personal leader care plan
Dinner/Campfire and Life Stories
Thursday Sept. 5: Revive!Trek #3: “God’s Creation Glory Trek” in Glacier Park
Reflect on His Calling?
Celebration Dinner!
Sharing Testimonies.
Friday Sept. 6: Return!Flights should be after 10 AM and before 6 PM

Ideally: 10 AM to 2 PM.
*Please confirm with us before buying tickets.

Montana awaits, are you coming?