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Leader RETREAT ‘n trek MONTANA
09.04-09.09, 2023

The Jewel in the mountains


now it is the time

an awesome “Retreat and trek” for men!

This is training for your spiritual life as a servant leader.

Note — This is not a backpack in the wilderness. If you want backpacking sign up for LeaderTrek.

Retreat and Trek is a combination of spiritual life training, retreat with brothers, rest, and several day-treks in beautiful mountain areas. (3 miles; 6 miles; 9 miles with a lite daypack with your lunch and water).

Leadership is about being a healthy leader. We called is becoming a M.A.R.V.E.L. man! On this “active retreat” you will learn what that means.

Stay in a beautiful home in Montana,
Shared home cooked meals,
Meditation on God’s Word,
Campfire life stories,
Physical challenges

You will remember it for the rest of your life. Jesus will walk with us and we will walk with Him!

Ideally, we will take 7-9 men.

This is your personal invitation to Montana!!!

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Day one is a trek into God’s glory as seen in creation

Sample Itinerary

Highlights from previous treks

2022 LeaderTrek in Montana

Brent, Ed, Jesse, Owen, Leo & Bulou

Plus our host & prayer warrior, Uncle Tom

2022 Father Son Camp in Montana

Brent, Yong, Leon, Xiaochuan, Freddy, Jingqiang, Harvey, Kuolih, Cory

Plus our host & prayer warrior, Uncle Tom

2021 LeaderTrek in Montana

Brent, Bin, Kai, Kevin, Kun, Peter, Yong, Ming, Rick

Plus our host & prayer warrior, Uncle Tom

2020 LeaderTrek in Montana

Brent, Ed, Bin, Jia, David, Michael and his son Ben.

Plus our host & prayer warrior, Uncle Tom

Montana awaits, are you coming?