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Wild at heart Study


Chinese Christian brothers! You have a wild heart that wants to pursue Life!

Let’s climb the mountains of our masculine soul together. This online study and discussion will help you continue the journey.

We have a high goal — our life and character transformation as Christian men and brothers. God wants to transform our hearts, minds, character, emotions and relationships. We need each other for this journey.

Each online session contains a 20 minute English video with subtitles of American Christian brothers sharing openly about their lives. (Subtitles in Chinese)

* Our discussions will be in Mandarin Chinese.

* Please sign up with the link.

* Cost: Its free, but it has at least a $100,000,000 value. Because, what is the value of a man’s soul? Come and find out! Jesus is our lead climber. We will be buddies together.

Introduction and videos

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主内弟兄们 – 你有一颗想要追求生活的狂野之心吗?

让我们一起攀登男性灵魂之山。 这项在线学习和讨论将帮助继续您的旅程。

 我们有一个崇高的目标——我们作为基督徒男人和兄弟的生命和品格转变。 上帝想要改变我们的心、思想、性格、情感和关系。 在这段旅程中,我们需要彼此。

每个在线会议的学习都包括一个 20 分钟的英文视频,其中有美国基督徒兄弟公开分享他们的生活。  (中文字幕)。 如果您愿意, 也可以在来之前阅读本书中的章节。


* 请使用上面链接注册。

*成本:免费的,但价值至少 100,000,000 美元。 因为人类灵魂的价值是什么? 快来了解一下吧! 耶稣是我们的领头攀登者,我们会成为好朋友。

Introduction and videos

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climb the mountain of life…together